Welcome to our first 'focus on...' article section. Each half term we will focus on an area of school life and share this with you in this way, which will then be followed up in our Community Forum (previously named Parent Forum)

In the Spring Term 2022 we will be able to restart our Community Forum meetings. These meetings are deliberately small in number to ensure high levels of discussion and to enable all present to share their thoughts. They involve a representation of parents/carers from each year group as well as representatives from the wider community (e.g. Governors, local agencies where appropriate/linked to the focus for that forum) and Senior Leaders from school.

The expectation as a member of the community forum is that you will attend and actively contribute to conversations and discussions during the meetings and that you commit to attending one meeting per half term this academic year (there will be six each academic year).

The focus of each forum will follow on from the ‘focus on’ article shared with all parents/carers in the previous half term

If you do not wish to be a member of this forum in person, or you are not successful in your application to be a part of the forum you will still have opportunity to have your questions considered by the forum group for discussion/consideration within these meetings.

The way that community forums are structured is by grouping all of the questions submitted and this allows for all areas raised to be discussed within the meeting and feedback given.

December 2021 - Focus on..... Behaviour

Welcome to our first 'focus on...' article. Each half term we will focus on a different area of school life and share this with you in this way: to keep you informed and up to date with what and how we do things in school.

Please follow this link to access this first article https://sway.office.com/XkFDRy4N25rWR7ei?ref=Link