Curriculum INTENT

Curriculum INTENT

Our curriculum is at the heartbeat of our school and is carefully designed to support the learning journey of the whole child and enable them to aspire high and achieve success. It is intentionally ambitious for our children.

It is a narrative for each child which is made meaningful and relevant by harnessing the culturally rich opportunities our locality offers. We recognise that all children deserve the same life chances, particularly those who are disadvantaged and our curriculum is designed with a responsibility to build the cultural and intellectual capital of our children. We place particular emphasis on language and vocabulary acquisition from the moment our children join us in the early years.

We value the importance of providing children with opportunities for enriching learning experiences which are part of their school journey. Our curriculum includes a ‘Pupil Offer’ which we believe serves to purposefully close the experience and knowledge gap from home. We want children to be curious and excited by the awe and wonder of the world and we design our curriculum to infuse that excitement.

We support all learners to realise their potential, achieve excellence and success by experiencing a curriculum which ignites a love of learning that will last them for life. In particular we adapt our curriculum for children who may have additional needs in order that they are equally successful. We hope that all children will have had the opportunity to discover and follow individual passions which they will continue to build on in their future.

We promise that by the time children leave us at the end of KS1, they will have started to acquire strategies which equip them to be determined and independent learners who actively seek to take ownership of and develop their learning further.

Our children will be confident individuals who are actively and enthusiastically engaged on the journey to understanding how to contribute positively to their community and the wider society. We want them to demonstrate empathy and know their potential as world-changers. We hope that through our curriculum offer they will recognise their own responsibility to make a positive difference to others and the fragile world in which we live. Staff work vigilantly to create an environment where our children’s welfare is at the heart of all provision and learning and where children feel valued and understand what it means to feel safe.

We encourage children to be hopeful and to think positively. We believe that everything is possible and we are relentless in our optimism, ambition, energy and passion. We have a curriculum which values the importance of powerful, durable knowledge and which prioritises language and vocabulary as being key to advancing the cultural capital of our learners. We explicitly define the subject specific knowledge content in a way which makes connections within and across subjects and year groups. This enables skills such as creativity and problem solving to culminate as outcomes of a rich knowledge curriculum experience.

We are proactive in engaging in research around cognitive science to ensure our curriculum is borne out of proven memory for learning strategies and these are woven into subjects over time.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage is from birth to 5 years. This includes Nursery and Reception. Mount Street Academy is a high quality setting for your child and offers a range of different plans to accommodate your needs. Our approach is a combination of child-initiated activities and adult led education, based on active learning and problem solving. Clear routines are in place to support the children as they progress through the Foundation Stage. In Reception, children continue to have many opportunities for child initiated activities and independent learning as well as a more formal approach to reading, writing and maths.

Please visit the link below for more information on the EYFS: Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stageor read our EYFS Policy here.

Key Stage One

Key Stage One is from 5 to 7 years. This includes Year one and year two.

In Key Stage One the following subjects are taught:

  • English (including phonics)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Art & Design
  • Music
  • Design and Technology
  • Computing
  • Religious Education
  • PSHE

To view the National Curriculum, please click here.

Religious Education

At Mount Street Academy, we choose to follow the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2018-2023).

The aim of the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education is to produce pupils who are religiously literate and able to hold balanced and informed conversations about religion and belief. To view the syllabus, please click here.

British Values

At Mount Street Academy we understand that the society we live in is diverse and through our curriculum, teaching and learning and extra-curricular activities we ensure that British Values are promoted.

Our aim:

We will endeavour to ensure that all learners understand the values that have traditionally underpinned British society so that they are ‘Learning Today for the World of Tomorrow’. To this end, our intention is for British Values to be interwoven in the heart of the school and explicit links made through the cross curricular learning, Assemblies, Circle Time and PSHE.

Our objectives are:

  • To ensure that all pupils develop an understanding of the values which underpin life in modern day Britain.
  • To teach all pupils to have mutual respect and tolerance for and an understanding of, the various faiths and beliefs represented in Britain today.
  • To ensure that all pupils learn to uphold the rule of the law and support justice and equality.
  • To help all pupils understand and value the rich diversity that other citizens from different cultures, religions and backgrounds bring to our national society.
  • To value people’s differences and respect them.
  • To develop pupils awareness and tolerance of communities different to their own.
  • To value democracy and to stand up for right against wrong.

To view our British Values policy, please click here.

MSA Curriculum Knowledge Progression Overviews


Reception Autumn Term One Planning Overview [ PDF, 207.23 KB ]
MSA Year One Long Term Plan [ PDF, 364.44 KB ]
MSA Year Two Long Term Plan [ PDF, 521.51 KB ]