Our Golden Rules

The school is committed to providing an environment where all our pupils can feel safe, happy, accepted and included. It is important to create an orderly and calm school within which effective teaching and learning can take place.

Our emphasis will always be on recognising and celebrating effort and success, so that all pupils feel valued. We will teach pupils to take responsibility for their own actions and to accept the consequences of their choices. We will adopt a zero tolerance approach to bullying and any such incidents will be dealt with promptly and firmly. Our Anti-Bullying Policy can be found below.

We teach pupils about our six Golden Rules. These form the basis of our Behaviour Policy which can be downloaded below.

  • We are gentle
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We work hard
  • We look after property
  • We listen to people
  • We are honest

For your information our Exclusion Policy can also be found below.