International Week - Rukungiri Day (Year 2)

25th February 2018

Year 2 started the day with a 'chalk and talk' lesson (no electricity!) and learnt some Ugandan words and phrases. Children tried carrying 5 litre water bottles around the outside area and walked with baskets on their heads to imagine what it would be like to be a child living in Rukungiri. They couldn't believe that children in Uganda sometimes have to walk over an hour to collect water from streams, then queue for an hour to fill up their container, before walking back. All this before school, only to be repeated on their return home. We made a meal of rice with vegetables and beans which was eaten with fingers - a very novel experience for our children, but a normal daily occurrence at St Paul's School. Our International Week has really broadened the global awareness of our year 2 children, to people, places and cultures of others in a different locality to their own.