Mount Street Academy is a National Teaching School, the lead school in the KYRA Teaching School Alliance, as well as a National Research School.

What is a Teaching School?

Teaching schools are part of the government’s drive to give outstanding schools more freedom and to enable groups of schools to take increasing responsibility for managing the education system. 

Mount Street Academy is the lead school in the KYRA Teaching School Alliance, a thriving partnership of Lincolnshire schools who are committed to working together to improve outcomes for children in our county. 

As a Teaching School we have a challenging and exciting remit to train new teachers and leaders, deliver evidence-based professional development and contribute to raising standards in other schools through school-to-school support. 

To find out more about the Kyra Teaching School Alliance click on the link below. 

What is a National Research School?

Research Schools work with other schools in their network to share what they know about putting research into practice and help them to make better use of evidence to inform their teaching. 

At the Kyra Research School we:

  • inspire engagement, by making visible ‘what works’ and making it accessible to all practitioners
  • grow capacity, through encouraging leaders and teachers at all levels to be responsible for evidence-based practice in their classroom, with support from our core practitioner team
  • identify local champions, who will model and innovate in their schools and their clusters
  • build partnerships, harnessing our existing networks and developing new ones across the East Midlands region
  • plan for sustainability, we will create an effective team approach, where ownership and participation levels are high and sustainability is inherent
  • are ambitious for children, we will develop and deliver our vision of transforming the lives of the children we serve.

Train to be a Teacher with us

We offer excellent bespoke and hands-on initial teacher training opportunities for primary teachers and leaders of the future. This programme is offered by Mount Street Academy as the Lead School and you will be based within one of our partner schools. To find out more click on the link below. 

Please apply to: Mount Street Academy 

Accredited Provider: Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance